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Energy Exascale Earth System Model


The Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) , formerly known as Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy (ACME) project is an ongoing, state-of-the-science Earth system modeling, simulation, and prediction project, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER), that optimizes the use of DOE laboratory resources to meet the science needs of the nation and the mission needs of DOE.

A major motivation for the E3SM project is the coming paradigm shift in computing architectures and their related programming models as capability moves into the exascale era. The E3SM model simulates the fully coupled climate system at high-resolution (15-25km) and will include coupling with energy systems, it has a unique capability for variable resolution modeling using unstructured grids in all its earth system component models.

The E3SM model is publicly available (see References below), it has an open source code, and the data from all major simulations will be made publicly accessible by publishing to ESGF as the simulations conclude. 

Data in E3SM project on ESGF is published in raw / native model output fromat on native grid for each component (atmosphere, ocean, ice, land and river components), as well as regridded to lat-lon grid, with calculated climatologies and few variables as time-seriers over the whole simulation period. 

The CMIP6 DECK simulations are also being published to the CMIP6 ESGF project as part of CMIP6 data holding.


Available Data

   E3SM V1.0 Data

Standard-resolution water cycle (1 deg atmosphere, 30-60 km ocean) CMIP6 DECK experiments:


High-resolution water cycle (0.25 deg atmosphere, 18-6 km ocean) HiResMIP-like experiment  


   E3SM V0.3 Data

             AMIP standard resolution (1deg) experiment  

  E3SM V0.1 Data

             High-resolution experiment  Perpetual 1850 control simulation


To be published in April/May 2019

Lower-resolution v1.0 water cycle (1 deg atmosphere, 30-60 km ocean) CMIP6 DECK experiments:

  • AMIP 1850 aerosol forcing simulations


Ongoing Simulations

v1.1 - BGC coupled simulation (standard resolution) 
v1.2 - Ocean-cryosphere simulation (variable resolution)  



E3SM Code - DOI: 10.11578/E3SM/dc.20180418.36  (open source)
E3SM Website -
E3SM v1.0 Reference Paper - 
Golaz, J.-C., P. M. Caldwell, L. P. Van Roekel and co-authors (2019). The DOE E3SM coupled model version 1: Overview and evaluation at standard resolution. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, accepted,



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