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Available Presentations from the Meeting

The meeting agenda and some presentations from the meeting are available below.  The presentations are posted with permission from the authors.

obs4MIPs - CMIP6 Planning Meeting
April 29 - May 1, 2014
NASA Headquarters, 300 E Street SW, Washington, DC
  Day 1 (Apr 29) Chair/Speaker Rapporteur
8:00 Check in (West Entrance, NASA HQ)    
8:30 Meeting Introduction    
  Welcome from NASA and DOE Jack Kaye/NASA, Gerald Geernaert/DOE
  Remarks from the WCRP, WDAC Michel Rixen/WMO, Otis Brown/WDAC
  Overview/Status of obs4MIPs Duane Waliser  
  Essential components Karl Taylor  
  CMIP6 evolution Veronika Eyring  
  Benchmarking climate model performance, WDAC Task Team Peter Gleckler  
  Examples of using satellite observations in model evaluation Carl Mears  
  Simulators overview Robert Pincus  
  Meeting objectives Robert Ferraro  
10:30 Break    
11:00 Atmospheric Composition & Radiation Kevin Bowman Nathaniel Livesey
Arlindo da Silva
  Aerosol and radiation: CMIP6 model evaluation needs Bill Collins  
  Aerosols observations Thomas Holzer-Popp
  Radiation observations Norm Loeb  
  Chemistry-Climate Observations and CMIP6 model evaluation needs Brian Duncan  
12:30 Lunch    
13:30 Atmospheric Physics Robert Pincus Tony Mannucci
Claudia Stubenrauch
  Boundary Layer process modeling and observations Joao Teixeira  
  Convection and cloud-related processes: CMIP6 model evaluation needs  Christian Jakob  
  Cloud properties: observations Helene Chepfer  
  Precipitation characteristics Graeme Stephens  
  Cloud simulators and CMIP6 model evaluation needs Alejandro Bodas-Salcedo
15:30 Break    
16:00 Additional Topics - Moderated Group Discussion Duane Waliser Peter Gleckler
Karl Taylor
  - CMIP6 forcing data sets    
  -  High frequency observations for CMIP6 model evaluation    
  - High spatial resolution for CMIP6 model evaluation    
  - Geostationary data?    
  - Beyond satellite data (in-situ)    
  - CFMIP-obs alignment?    
17:30 Adjourn    
  Day 2 (Apr 30) Chair/Speaker Rapporteur
8:30 Announcements    
8:40 Broadening involvement:  Agency Perspectives / Reanalysis Tsengdar Lee Renu Joseph
Takuja Kubota
  NOAA John Bates  
  ESA Simon Pinnock  
  EUMETSAT Jörg Schulz  
  JAXA Takuji Kubota  
9:25 Reanalysis: contributions and caveats Jean-Noel Thepaut
9:45 ana4MIPs Jerry Potter  
9:55 Terrestrial Water & Energy Exchange, Land Cover/Use Christa Peters-Lidard Lukas Gudmundsson
Dave Schimel
  Terrestrial Water & Energy Exchange observations & CMIP6   modelling needs Alexander Löw  
  Land use/cover observations & CMIP6 modelling needs George Hurtt  
10:55 Break    
11:25 Carbon Cycle Jim Randerson Kathy Hibbard
  CMIP6 model evaluation needs Forrest Hoffman  
  Observations Dave Schimel  
12:25 Lunch    
13:25 Oceanography & Cryosphere John Dunne Sophie Nowicki
Anastasia Romanou
  Ocean: CMIP6 model evaluation needs Eric Guilyardi  
  Ocean observations Felix Landerer  
  Cryosphere: CMIP6 model evaluation needs Ron Kwok  
  Snow/sea ice/ice sheet observations Walt Meier  
14:55 Additional Topics - Group Discussions Mike Bosilovich Jörg Schulz
Chi Ao
  Moderated discussions:    
  - Satellite simulators: future development needs    
  - The role of reanalysis in obs4MIPs/relationship to ana4MIPs    
15:30 Break    
16:00 Additional Topics - Group Discussion (continued) Mike Bosilovich Jörg Schulz
Chi Ao
  - Times and locations of measurements & averaging kernels for sampling of model output    
  - Climate impacts research needs?    
16:45 obs4MIPS - CMIP6 Alignment: Discussion Karl Taylor Peter Gleckler
Duane Waiser
  obs4MIPs formats/revisions/documentation Robert Ferraro  
  CMIP6 output - changes to better align with observations?    
17:30 Adjourn    
  Day 3 (May 1) Chair/Speaker Rapporteur
8:30 Review & Actions    
  Rapporteur summaries (commenting on requirements, simulators etc.) 5-10 minutes each    
  Criteria for qualifying as obs4MIPs data - Discussion    
10:00 Break    
10:20 Action/ Recommendations for obs4MIPs - CMIP6: Discussion Robert Ferraro
Veronika Eyring
Duane Waliser
Peter Gleckler
Karl Taylor
  Observational dataset recommendations for improved model evaluation    
  Model output recommendations to improve alignment with observational capabilities and constraints    
  Use of simulators in CMIP6    
  Routine benchmarking/evaluation of CMIP6 models    
11:50 Meeting End Notes    
12:00 Adjourn    


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