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Coordination with CMIP


Obs4MIPs is undergoing further expansion in coordination with CMIP6


Obs4MIPs is in the process of becoming more flexible to accommodate a wider variety of  data that could be useful for the evaluation of climate models.  Here are some examples of efforts underway:

  • The obs4MIPs data specifications have been revised to match the new CMIP6 data requirements.   

  • CMOR software now accommodates the preparation of observational data (CMOR3) and complementary documentation is being developed specifically to assist obs4MIPs data contributors.

  • The obs4MIPs search terms (or “facets”) are being modified in coordination with changes made for CMIP6.

    New Dataset Features - See items in upper left menu

These and other enhancements continue to be implemented.  Questions and comments are encouraged and should be sent to

Last Update: Nov. 7, 2018, 3:32 p.m. by Robert Ferraro
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